Our Team

We are currently a small team of individuals who are dedicated to bringing the dream of pagan towns into reality all across the world. We realize this will take time and will be a monumental effort that must include the efforts of many individuals from many walks of life. Could this list one day include you?

Alex (The Bard) Vogel

Technical support

Born and raised in Spain hailing from the sprawling city of Barcelona. Graduate of Universitat Ramon Llull on the campus of LaSalle Campus Barcelona. In addition to his many technical skills he is also a musician composing his own musical works which has been produced and distributed. In his spare time he also does stuff.

Email me: avogelm@gmail.com

Jeffrey (Celtic God) Coburn

Project coordinator and Manager

Born in California he fled that horrid land at a very young age to be raised in Michigan of the United States of America. A laborer by trade with many years of experience working in the forestry industry which also includes wildlife and fishing he now does stuff

email me at: hyperboreanradio@gmail.com

Ike (The Lore Keeper) Knosp

Social site manager

Born and raised in Iowa of the United States of America he is a Graduate of the University of Iowa he now finds his focus of study in the Folklore of Europe.

Neale (Aethelwulf) Rundgren

Art Director

Neale, is an artist from South Africa with a love for his ancestral Nordic heritage and especially wolves. He is responsible for the layout and design of our magazine and has produced numerous art pieces for Wylder Homes Project and The Wylder Folk.

Additional team members include:

Artists: Arca

Research: William Mcthunder



Want to work with us?

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