Letters to the Gods prt 2

Below are some letters written by subscribers who wished to share their own letter(s) to the gods as possible examples. We hope you enjoy these and write many of your own.

Image(s) available at http://www.clipartbest.com/paul-bunyan

Dear Paul, It seems like I never gave you much thought since I grow up. I remember hearing about you and Big Blue, and all your ups and downs together. Much of it forgotten now. I feel like my labor is for cheap, given that this land has been sold off to those who despise the Kinfolk of Europe, the Old Country. I do my best to be neighborly to strangers who never paid me mind. And to cut away the worst of my soul, little by little.

But I leave it to you to judge whether I’d be worth a damn in your eyes. Look on my labor and determine if I truly am working for a better me, and a better tomorrow for my folk. That my toil, useless and heartless as it may seem, may be a stepping stone to better, more wholesome things. I may well ask the same of many Honorable Souls, but I come to you because you know your way around this land. And have my respect for the strength you’ve shown, for your relation to this good earth, for standing proud and happy here, knowing that all your struggles and trials earned you that rich joy you display —– Ancestors smile on you Paul

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