We like many of you, have noticed the challenges we face day to day and were driven to seek solutions. This led us to create the Wylder Homes Project which involves many interconnected projects and goals, but is not dependent on the success of any particular piece or path. This is why we proclaim “All roads lead home”!

Through reminding people of our customs and lore we strive to revivify our culture bringing a sense of pride back to the Hyperborean people and all of our tribes.

Ultimately we are striving to encourage all of our tribes to take pride in themselves and our heritage as a people, embracing the various emanations of the Hyperborean spirit. We continually strive to improve our broadcasts, investing in research materials and visual aids to bring the glories of what was, what is and what shall be of our people to the forefront of all of our minds.

Encouraging traditional teaching methods for our young, confidence and pride within our men, compassion and understanding within our women, and a trust based community amongst our people. In doing so we can reclaim what has been forgotten over time. A sense of community, neighborhoods, villages, entire regions where one does not fear greeting their neighbors or embracing the hand of friendship.

Eventually we aspire through our combined efforts to create places we can call home as a people and culture while embracing the differences that make us unique. Imagine entire towns of Hyperborean people filled with the pride in knowing their noble descent. Working together to bring about a healthier future for those that will follow in our footsteps allowing us, after the decay of the last decades, to build back better than before.

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