Bestiary Entry #50- Faerie

Territory & Habitat: Faerie tend to live in the realm of Fae (Faerie), though many of them come to visit other realms especially the Mortal Realm, many of which live here unable to be discerned from the humans of Hyperborean descent, with a substantial amount of Western Europeans having at least one Faerie ancestor.

Faerie are a complex category of spirits, the entire realm of Fae could classify as Fae from the plants and mushrooms to the humanoid forms that many associate with the word. Suffice to say it would be nearly impossible to fulfill a comprehensive page on Fae, it would be a disservice to classify them as any specific kind of spirits rather they are more their own category at times godlike, at other times more like a predator of inhuman shape. The term “Faerie” was made into the word “Fairy” which is a corruption of the older word. The Faerie are in fact the Nobility and more powerful groups of Fae in the realm of Faerie. Which is why terms such as the “The Fairy Court” exist. Many kingdoms exist ruled over by successive King and Queens, and figures such as Arthur, Morgana, Queen Medb, Morrigan, Badb, Puck, Gwyn Ap Nudd, Melusine, Nimue/Vivienne (Lady of the Lake) among others classify as Noble Fae or Faerie.

Puck is easily the most notable and likely most powerful Faerie, that we at least in the Mortal realm have access to. The figures of Oberon and Titania present in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream seem to find their origins as a Roman goddess and a German Elf King respectively therefore making them inconsequential to this report concerning the Faerie. In Scottish lore we find the Seelie & Unseelie Courts which function as one of the Celtic varieties of The Wild Hunt myth one ruling the dark of the year while the other rules the light. The Otherworld is often viewed as being indistinguishable to the realm of Fae and it would be hard for me to prove or disprove this. Faerie appear to have powerful and varied abilities often ruling over less powerful Fae and other spirits, some such as Puck possess reality warping abilities and should easily classify as a deity. While some which are definitely deities such as Badb and The Morrigan are extremely powerful and adept in magic to the point of lacking any real requirements for the use of their mystic arts. At some point the tales of the Faerie were blended with the cult of the dead which makes it difficult to truly discern their lore, though the Fairy Faith and their various cults continued long into the centuries and more or less remain to this day, with the Faerie still appearing and taking people into their mounds.

The common “Tinkerbell” style depiction of Faeries as diminutive humans with wings is a more modern invention only existing for the last few hundred years, most Faerie are indistinguishable from humans, with many mortals remaining unaware of their Faerie ancestry effectively being normal humans for all intents and purposes, while Faerie that visit often choose their size to interact with whatever they wish to; picking a smaller shape to appear beside a rabbit, or a larger size to appear before a human, though they can occasionally be surprised and either be stuck or refuse to change size after being discovered by an unexpected Mortal being. Most Faerie possess shape shifting abilities though the extent and rules behind it are completely unknown to us.

The Eavesdroppers by Charles Altamont Doyle

Eyewitness Accounts

1) A rather famous account comes from that of Thomas the Rhymer an animistic spirit walker and Bard from the 13th century. He is said to have been taken to the realm of Faerie by the “Queen of Elfland” and lost his ability to lie after returning, though he gained the gift of Prophecy.

2) There have been numerous accounts of the Faerie appearing in and around mounds, occasionally taking people with them into the mounds, though this is rarely through any aggressive acts, rather the Faerie lack the concept of Human morals and instead do as they please for reasons largely beyond our understanding.

Conclusion: For L.O.R.E. The Faerie are a complex topic that we will need to add to the Archive many times over with it being nearly impossible to cover the realm in its entirety any more than our own. Most Faerie are at worst bothersome and at best an incredible boon. Though they run the full gambit, as long as the Hyperborean Race of man exists the Faerie will be able to travel to our realm for they are tied in blood to us, some of us live in Faerie while some of them live here in the Mortal realm. Any final decision or consideration for the Faerie would need to be done on a case by case basis.

Titania and Bottom by Henry Fuseli
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