Bestiary Entry #38- The Dogmen

Territory & Habitat: The Dogmen are a group of woodwose and werewolf style beings that predominate in the area of the Upper Midwest Great Lakes Area. Mostly in Michigan and Wisconsin. Typically in wooded areas though they can extend into rural areas at times. It is unclear if this is the same species known as the Cynocephalus from Medieval texts, such as that which the Orthodox Church draws their Saint Christopher. While this species or subspecies of spirits are mostly in the Upper Midwest, they are known to travel and have traveled across the United States and abroad in order to follow and/or protect those they attach themselves to.

Depictions of Saint Christopher with a dog head.


The Dogmen are beings that live in America and may or may not have come over from Europe (It is unclear if they emigrated with people, or if they are some kind of cryptid.) They appear in multiple forms sometimes appearing as a Werewolf style beings, while others depict them as Woodwoses or Bigfoot-like beings. The Dogmen are in the popular consciousness merely monsters, cryptids or beasts of physical form either as Lycanthropes or as Bigfeet. However, after further study I think this is but a popular fallacy not dissimilar to the equivalency of the Fey and Elves in many peoples mind. The actual lore and animistic practices of the Hyperborean Michiganders does not suggest a mere beast. They live in the wilds of Michigan and the nearby States, where they are said to protect the good and punish the wicked. With people often leaving gifts to them, such as food or clothes. With certain campgrounds and old cabins being hot spots of the Dogmen. They are said to be dog headed, fur covered men. Being man shaped in all but their head. The Dogmen have been said to have followed the individuals they have bonded with (Unclear as to the process or reasoning behind this) to Afghanistan, and there are even stories of them fighting in the USA Civil War. They are not spirits in the sense that most would see them, rather they are physical beings though in what way is unclear.

Not dissimilar to Saint Christopher, the Wulver, or the Cynocephalus of Medieval travel logs they are said to be real physical beings similar to the Trolls of Northern Europe. They are said to simply be good at hiding. There is some evidence that the Dogmen or a subset of them may in fact be humans made into Woodwose by casting off society. However, not enough evidence exists to confirm or deny this hypothesis.

Eyewitness Accounts

  1. Several Hyperborean Soldiers from Michigan have reported seeing them in battle while in Afghanistan, these individual Dogmen or tribes (packs?) of Dogmen traveled alongside the bonded individual(s) either in ammunition crates or Wheel Wells of the planes (speculation?). They take part in the battles and in some cases wipe out enemy encampments with “Dog Tracks” found all over, after the events.
  2. Several sightings in the North-Western Lower Peninsula of Michigan including Gladwyn and nearby cities. The sightings are varied but consistent, with the Dogmen being credited with killing their “victims” and strewing their mangled corpses across multiple trees, from which the rotting flesh doth hang.
  3. In the Upper Peninsula (from approx. St. Ignace to Escanaba) there are many sightings of the Dogmen, similar to in the LP. The people disappear but their bodies are never found, unlike in the LP. Bloodied clothing has been found but never the bodies. One wonders if this ties into their possible lycanthropic tendencies.
  4. As the Dogmen serve as guardians and protectors they are often left gifts of clothing and food. Close to Omar, Michigan. People would often take food and clothing to an abandoned cabin as thank you for the protection the Dogmen had given them.

Conclusion: The Dogmen are mysterious, it is unclear if they are Wild Men, Werewolves, Guardian Spirits, or something else entirely. Among the Hyperborean’s of the Upper Midwest, especially Michigan, they are seen as benevolent and well liked. Despite their unpredictable actions and violent tendencies. I see no true harm they can do, no more damage than one can find in a Gargoyle’s territory or that of a Grimhound. Similar to the latter, I see no way to possibly contain the beings. As even if they are physical, as the locals say “They are very good at hiding” and more than good at killing.

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