Walpurgisnacht and The Spring Wild Hunt

By The Lore Keeper You’ve likely heard of Halloween, and perhaps you have heard of May Day. But, have you heard of Walpurgisnacht? Also known as Hexennacht or “Witches’ Night” it is a lesser known holiday whose core celebration is in the Harz mountains in Germany. This obscure holiday is perhaps one of the mostContinue reading “Walpurgisnacht and The Spring Wild Hunt”

Easter, The Goddesses of New Life

By The Lore Keeper One of the most well known and controversial goddesses of the West Germanic’s is that of Ostara. Often equated to Eostre and Easter. Some argue she does not exist, that she is an invention in an effort to introduce pagan elements into a christian celebration. A mistake of the venerable Bede,Continue reading “Easter, The Goddesses of New Life”