The Tale of Winter’s Sleep, Snow White Remythed

By I. M. Knosp In the middle of winter a woman sat by the window and embroidered. The land was covered in snow and her embroidery frame was of ebony. Just then she pricked her finger and 3 drops of blood fell from her onto the snow. She saw how beautiful and crimson it wasContinue reading “The Tale of Winter’s Sleep, Snow White Remythed”

The Warrior Poet

By J.A. Coburn The Warrior Poet, Bardic Warrior or Warrior Bard while a romantic concept, popularized by Role Playing Games such as D&D first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR) and since by many movies, videogames as well as a mountain of fantasy novels. This is in reality a misnomer, leading to many misunderstandings in the real world of each, which in reality are brothers. The very concept of a Warrior Bard is in reality an insult to bothContinue reading “The Warrior Poet”

The Ironwood and the Wolf Spirits

By I.M. Knosp Deep in the realm of Jotunheim, among the mountains and shivering cold forests lies The Ironwood. A place of werewolves, trolls, and giants. Of magic and prophecy and blood…. It is far more wild, far less safe than the glittering home of the Aesir in Asgard. Instead everything in it is ofContinue reading “The Ironwood and the Wolf Spirits”

Freya, The Mother of Sweden

By I. M. Knosp Among the Norse Pantheon many notable deities exist. Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Hoenir, Odin, Skadi, Ullr, and more. Though one goddess that has a bit of a complex history and one that I think deserves a bit more of a deep dive. Is the beloved, complex, and extremely popular goddess of Freya.Continue reading “Freya, The Mother of Sweden”

The Trial of the Holy Berserker, Bearskin Remythed

By I.M. Knosp There was a once a soldier who conducted himself with such honor and bravery that he was always the foremost when bullets rained. As long as the war lasted he lived well and knew merriment but eventually, a peace was made. the soldier was dismissed from service and his captain said heContinue reading “The Trial of the Holy Berserker, Bearskin Remythed”

Paul Bunyan, American Heracles

By I. M. Knosp America is a comparatively young country when compared to the cultures of Europe such as England, Rome, Sweden, and beyond. Yet we are not lacking in our own folklore, spirits, heroes and even demigods. Among these mythic figures perhaps it may surprise those outside of the coasts of Lady Liberty’s lands.Continue reading “Paul Bunyan, American Heracles”

Tall Tales & American Demigods

By I. M. Knosp The tale of American folklore is an odd one. A collection of stories shaped by the many tropes and traditions of the European settlers, as well as the new and different world that said settlers found themselves in. Among these tales are many monsters, legends, jokes, and long drawn out whoppersContinue reading “Tall Tales & American Demigods”