The Celtic God and The Guru

A True Story by J.A.Coburn AKA Celtic God Gather round! Gather round! Sit, sit. Ah yes, is everybody ready? Hey you! Yeah! In the back there! Are you joining us or do you plan to continue examining your bellybutton like some kind of simpleton? Yeah that’s right turn around. Ok… Now mind this is aContinue reading “The Celtic God and The Guru”

Bragi or Odin? Will the Real Norse God of Poetry Please Stand Up?

By I.M.Knosp Within the Eddas that contain the most famous tales of Icelandic Mythology there are many gods. Mighty THOR the Champion and defender of the Gods! Sensuous FREYA who makes even Odin quake with fear when angered! TYR the fearless god of Victory! Yet amidst all of these gods and tales there is butContinue reading “Bragi or Odin? Will the Real Norse God of Poetry Please Stand Up?”

A Brief Discussion of the Gods

Prologue It is important to note that the following is a gross oversimplification of my thoughts, research and rationale of these ideas but for the sake of brevity and in an attempt to be concise this will have to do. By I.M. Knosp Across every race of man, every tribe and category therein are traditions,Continue reading “A Brief Discussion of the Gods”

Witches, What Really Were the Witch Cults?

By I.M. Knosp Upon the mountain top they ride, brooms and bed knobs, oven scrapers and sorghum, fennel stalks and horny beasts. Gathering round a dark clad god with hands bloodstained they reach before the flame. Their eyes engulfed in splendor, their bodies rife with pleasure, their senses overflowing in ecstatic experience, wild haired theirContinue reading “Witches, What Really Were the Witch Cults?”

The Myth of Easter, Sleeping Beauty Remythed

By I.M. Knosp & Wylder Homes Project There once lived a great Chieftain who was blessed with the birth of a most beautiful daughter whom he named Easter of The Dawning Light who upon hearing of her birth the people across his land rejoiced! Wishing to know her future the Chieftain called upon Three SistersContinue reading “The Myth of Easter, Sleeping Beauty Remythed”

Wojtek: The Happy Warrior

By I.M. Knosp The sky was alight, the forests had been rendered down to ash with bombardments, in this moment among the mountains of Monte Cassino, a hero was born. Far stronger than his brothers beside him, he lifted hundreds of pounds of artillery shells, bringing them to his brothers amidst the battle. Placing theContinue reading “Wojtek: The Happy Warrior”

King Groundhog: The Origins of Groundhog Day

By I.M.Knosp A bonfire burns, dances are danced, songs are sung, hot food and warm drinks populate the hands of many as they wait for the seer of seers, the prophet of prophets, the prognosticator of prognosticators. In anticipation the people crowd around and chant the seer’s name, effigies and writings pepper the crowd, withContinue reading “King Groundhog: The Origins of Groundhog Day”

Tales of the Frauen: Holle, Frikka, Perchta, Harke, Gaude, and more.

By I.M.Knosp Once Upon a Time, there was a woman who deeply wanted a child, a ferry man that heard a shout, an old oak forest, a small black dog, a wicked witch, and a story.In fact, many stories populate the woods and wells, the mountains and caverns throughout a land you may have heardContinue reading “Tales of the Frauen: Holle, Frikka, Perchta, Harke, Gaude, and more.”