Europe & Diaspora Issue 2

By The Lore Keeper

Our Second issue of Europe and Diaspora the Grundsow (Groundhog) issue is finally ready.

The second issue of Europe & Diaspora continues to bring forth the lore, legends, and culture of the Hyperborean Peoples. From stories of German Goddesses to the tale of the Hero Bear of World War II, this issue takes a deep look at fairy tales, holidays, and the simple things we may not notice at first glance. Like the Groundhog who awakens in Spring and speaks of his vision of the future. So too do we at Europe & Diaspora look to a new dawn and the possibilities before us. Our love for our people and culture pushes us forth and we hope with each issue we can show and return some of our culture and spirit to our people.

If you would like to purchase a digital or physical copy you can head to this site and pick one up.

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