Healthy Pagan Dating

As society progresses to a position where dating is a literal marketplace and persons are seen as commodities for a bit of fun, and relationships are more and more meaningless, a necessity for us to recover the healthy and ancient ways of dating appears. Many of us have tried hopelessly the modern methods and ways to get to know women or men, most of the times online, leading to nowhere.

The frivolity generated by these modern ways is destroying the understanding between men and women, who end up only wanting to boost their ego while trying to counter-balance their lack of purpose and depression. This is compounded by men who are completely baited by the system, trying to use these apps to get someone to sleep with for a bit for the illusion of connection, thus kneeling before the women who have the ultimate choice.

As Wylder Homes aims to establish settlements for our people, being itself a project focused on securing a healthy future for our bio spirit and kin, many other concerns come with it, and dating is one of them. Couples between our people are what will bring new generations to the world, the new generations needed to complete the project when we are no longer present. The newer generations that will grow stronger than us on top of our shoulders. And for couples to even be a thing, we need a healthy and natural way for people to get to know each other, to create healthy relationships between our members and from those, for couples to emerge.

There have been websites and attempts to copy the modern dating app approach for our people, and from what we have seen, that failed miserably. It just won’t work from that approach. For people to get to know each other in a healthy way, they must establish face to face contact, work together, spend time together. That’s how our people work. WE DO STUFF TOGETHER. And so, what better scenario for that than settlements. The best dating sites for our people are towns themselves, and have always been. Communities that heavily rely on its members work, that spend time working together and culturally bonding, with some of its members with an eye for pairing people up acting as matchmakers to try and help people to find a suitable partner.

Relationships are not only based on respect and communication, but also work. Our people’s relationships aren’t fairy-tale like. Most of the times couples argue, fight and heavily disagree on many things. But true love is like a beautiful rosebush. It might take little effort to make it bloom, but unless you constantly take care of it, nurturing it, trimming thorns and watering it properly, it will soon wither and die.

-Alex Vogel

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