Letters to the Gods

Letters to the Gods by Myo B.

At first, the idea of writing letters to our gods might seem silly or even disrespectful. However, this is a wonderful way to connect to the deities which are part us.

The gods are not some untouchable beings in the sky, they are members of our family. And as such we should get to know them. Stories, songs, and art definitely help, but to communicate with them directly deepens this bond. We can speak to them aloud or in our minds but to write words on paper is a great exercise. It gives us time to really think about what we wish to say and to express ourselves from the heart. You can type a letter, but writing something by hand definitely adds a nice personal touch. And it doesn’t matter if words are spelled incorrectly or if the handwriting is less than perfect; the gods surely appreciate the effort regardless!

Letters to the Gods can take the form of a journal as well. This is useful if you are just learning about your gods and just beginning to connect to them. As you fill a notebook with missives, you can go back and retrace the journey you took in order to get closer to the gods of our people. Or, if you prefer, you can bury or burn your letters as a means of delivering them to the intended recipients.

This is also a wonderful addition to a pagan homeschool curriculum. Writing these letters covers various subjects such as penmanship, grammar, history, and mythology. It is also a fantastic way to let children know that our gods are not distant, they are with us and part of us and we do not need to be afraid to communicate with them.

I definitely recommend writing a letter or two to the gods, whether you are just getting to know them or have been acquainted with them for a long time. You may find it to be a very enjoyable activity and the gods will surely thank you for it!

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