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The Origins of Santa Claus

By I. M. Knosp The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in the hopes of the Wild Hunt soon to be there, led by a man neither god nor beast, in his honor the people doth feast. His Name…. is Santa Claus. One of the most well known figures of myth around the…

The Celtic God and The Guru

A True Story by J.A.Coburn AKA Celtic God Gather round! Gather round! Sit, sit. Ah yes, is everybody ready? Hey you! Yeah! In the back there! Are you joining us or do you plan to continue examining your bellybutton like some kind of simpleton? Yeah that’s right turn around. Ok…Now mind this is a true…

Bragi or Odin? Will the Real Norse God of Poetry Please Stand Up?

By I.M.Knosp Within the Eddas that contain the most famous tales of Icelandic Mythology there are many gods. Mighty THOR the Champion and defender of the Gods! Sensuous FREYA who makes even Odin quake with fear when angered! TYR the fearless god of Victory! Yet amidst all of these gods and tales there is but…